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About us


Your home is your heaven and your garden is your retreat.

Pristine Landscaping LLC is a family-owned company dedicated to quality work and customer satisfaction in both residential and commercial venues. Over the past 15 years, we have been serving Boerne, San Antonio areas throughout the Texas hill country.  We provide expert consulting and design work as well as landscape construction and maintenance.  ( then after that leave what is already there).

When you are buying a home with a garden the first thing that you look into is the interior of your house. You are more focused on the design and orientation of the insides of your house, that the exteriors get neglected and by the time you are required to look into your garden, you get exhausted to take a call as to what you would like to do to your garden. We here at Pristine Landscaping situated at San Antonio, Texas, understand your needs and are at your service to guide and aide you in taking the best decisions for your home’s exterior.

Now and again when you have a house with a garden, with your busy schedule, your garden becomes an overflowing forest of creepers and weeds. The very thought of cleaning and mowing runs a shudder up your spine in tackling your garden’s well-being. A clean and well-maintained garden reflects serenity and aides in emitting peace and tranquillity and when such calmness is disturbed with overgrown roots it only disturbs your peace of mind. Our team at Pristine Landscaping understands your need to keep your garden in a neat and tidy floral retreat instead of becoming a Maleficent playground! So whether you are looking for a landscape to go with your beautiful home or require a mowed and manicured lawn or a pathway to go with your front lawn or even have specially ordered flower beds to which you would like to wake up to in the morning, we at Pristine Landscaping are at your service.

What makes us different

Our number one priority at Pristine Landscaping is customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to provide our customers a peace of mind by transforming their unruly or his maintenance lawns into a relaxing and cost-effective landscape they can enjoy all year round.